Ditching Hourly

Ditching Hourly

Ditching Hourly is a business podcast focused on breaking the habit of trading time for money. My intent is to teach independent consultants how to build a better business by changing the way they think about pricing their work. This is a tough mindshift for most people, so I chose the podcast format because it conveys information in a way that is extremely persuasive. Iโ€™m on a mission to rid the earth of hourly billing and my hope is that Ditching Hourly will help achieve this, one listener at a time ๐Ÿ™‚

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    The Irony of the Generalist

    The worst time to present yourself as a generalist is when youโ€™re desperate for work.

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    Be The Expert

    Are you acting like an expert or an employee?

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    My Squirrel Guy

    Focus on outcomes, not activities.

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    Ten Ways To Attract Your Ideal Buyer

    If you're barely getting any leads, you're not going to have the confidence to experiment with ditching hourly billing.

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    Productized Services

    How to break the habit of trading time for money with productized services.

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    100% Up-Front

    How to get paid for projects 100% up-front.

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    The Why Conversation

    The three types of questions you must ask your prospect before writing your proposal.

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    The Hourly Trap

    Has a client ever questioned your timesheets? Or asked you to eat hours? Or demanded that you split the difference on a blown budget? If so, you've been caught in the hourly trap.

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    Cost vs Price vs Value

    The only three numbers that matter when calculating profitability.

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    The Red Balloon

    Internalizing the idea of mutual profit.

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    Hello World

    Ditching Hourly: who it's for and what it's about.

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