Ditching Hourly

Ditching Hourly

My name is Jonathan Stark and I’m on a mission to rid the earth of hourly billing. I hope that Ditching Hourly will help achieve this, one listener at a time 🙂

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    The Shape of Engagement with guest Scott Gould

    You know you want your customers, employees, and communities to be engaged, but what exactly does ‘engagement’ mean? Scott Gould, author of The Shape of Engagement joins me to talk about how independent software developers can sow the seeds engagement.

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    You Can’t Buy An Hour

    You know you can't literally buy an hour from someone... so why do you think you can sell an hour to someone?

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    Bells & Whistles

    What if a client doesn't understand what they're getting themselves into?

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    The Business of Expertise with special guest David C. Baker

    Guest David C. Baker joins me to talk about expertise, positioning, the pros and cons of vertical vs horizontal focus, addressing client concerns about conflicts of interest, the risk of hitching your cart to a third party, and tons more.

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    Making Change

    Money is worthless if you can't exchange it for something you want.

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    What do you do?

    How to answer the world's most common cocktail party question

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    The Irony of the Generalist

    The worst time to present yourself as a generalist is when you’re desperate for work.

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    Be The Expert

    Are you acting like an expert or an employee?

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    My Squirrel Guy

    Focus on outcomes, not activities.

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    Ten Ways To Attract Your Ideal Buyer

    If you're barely getting any leads, you're not going to have the confidence to experiment with ditching hourly billing.

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    Productized Services

    How to break the habit of trading time for money with productized services.

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    100% Up-Front

    How to get paid for projects 100% up-front.

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    The Why Conversation

    The three types of questions you must ask your prospect before writing your proposal.

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    The Hourly Trap

    Has a client ever questioned your timesheets? Or asked you to eat hours? Or demanded that you split the difference on a blown budget? If so, you've been caught in the hourly trap.

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    Cost vs Price vs Value

    The only three numbers that matter when calculating profitability.

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    The Red Balloon

    Internalizing the idea of mutual profit.

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    Hello World

    Ditching Hourly: who it's for and what it's about.

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